Kee-kee run

   A young gobbler's squeal and call. This is the call most often given by young gobblers before they learn how to gobble and the call that turkey hunters imitate mostly in the fall, through sometimes in the spring. In the fall the jakes (1-year-old gobblers) haven't matured enough to be able to gobble. So their sound resembles, "Peep, peep, peep, yelp, yelp, yelp," which is the kee-kee run. The jakes are usually what is hunted in the fall, because they are the easiest to call and bag. Older gobblers rarely come to calling in the fall, since spring was mating time. Besides, longbeards do not like to be around the juvenile birds, which prefer to flock with the young gobbler instead of a hunter in the area. In the spring, the kee-kee run is used mainly to fool an old gobbler into thinking that a young jake is attempting to mate with one of his harem.

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